Bartenders and servers have the highest divorce rates

LendingTree Study Explores Types of Jobs and Individual Professions with Highest Divorce Rates

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, March 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LendingTree®the country’s leading online financial services marketplace, released the findings of its study explore the types of jobs and individual professions that experience the highest divorce rates. The study found that when it comes to jobs by type, military-specific occupations, healthcare support occupations, and food preparation and serving occupations have the highest divorce rates. . Looking at individual occupations, the study found that bartenders, waiters and home health aides have the highest divorce rates.

Main conclusions

  • Bartenders and servers top the list of individual occupations with the highest divorce rates. Bartenders have a divorce rate of 4.34%, while servers have a divorce rate of 3.40%. This is more than double the national divorce rate of 1.6%.
  • Home health aides complete the top three with an estimated divorce rate of 2.87%.
  • When it comes to job types, military-specific occupations, health care support occupations, and food preparation and serving occupations have the highest divorce ratesat 3.09%, 2.65% and 2.49%, respectively.
  • The jobs with the highest risk of divorce change when looking at female and male workers individually. Bartenders still top the list for each gender, with divorce rates of 4.58% for women and 3.92% for men. Meanwhile, mechanics and heating and air conditioning installers slip to second place for women with a divorce rate of 4.41%, and receptionists and clerks come in second for men with a divorce rate of of divorce of 3.12%.
  • For both women and men, the three jobs least likely to see those who work for them divorced are clergy, farmers and ranchers, and doctors. The average overall divorce rate for these three jobs is 0.70%.

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Analysts used microdata from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2019 American Community Survey five-year estimates (latest available) to calculate the number of men and women in each tracked job type and individual occupation who married within 12 months of their survey responses and the number who divorced within 12 months of their responses.

The number of people married is the sum of people who reported being married or separated, having been widowed in the last year or having been divorced in the last year. The number of divorced workers does not include those who were married but separated.

The analysis was restricted to the 100 individual occupations with the most workers for these rankings. However, all workers were included in the higher level job type aggregations.

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