Flight attendant shares hack to carry extra bag for free

Summer is right around the corner and after missing vacations for two years, many people are getting ready to jet off to sunny destinations over the next few months.

From packing your suitcase to making sure you have all the right paperwork, getting ready to go on vacation can take a lot of time.

There’s nothing worse than something going wrong at the airport, but now a flight attendant has now shared a simple hack to make sure all your luggage will be allowed on the plane.

With a lot of airlines having strict baggage policies, it can be easy to get hit with extra charges before you’ve even started your vacation.

Now flight attendant Miguel Muñoz, provided an awesome hack that allows you to take an extra bag with you during your flight.

There’s an easy way to take an extra bag with you when traveling by plane

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Miguel, who has been an airline steward for over 10 years, shared his best advice with Express.co.uk.

Dubbed the “duty-free hack”, it revealed how, by using a duty-free carry bag, passengers can take an extra bag with them during their flight, as “duty-free bags do not count as carry-on baggage”.

Most people are unaware of this rule, and for those who struggle with making sure their belongings all fit in one suitcase or that your luggage weighs the right amount, this could be a game-changer.

Miguel explained: “If you have something that doesn’t fit in your suitcase or want to take an extra bag on board, here’s the trick.

“All you have to do is pack a duty-free bag. Or ask for one at the duty-free shop and you put whatever you want in the basket.”

By using a duty-free shopping bag, you can take extra things with you
By using a duty-free shopping bag, you can take extra things with you

Although he said there is “obviously limited space” on flights, at least “you bring an extra bag into the cabin with you”.

Many airlines, such as easyJet and Ryan Air, have strict baggage policies in place and only allow travelers to take one small bag as free carry-on baggage, and it must fit under the seat .

Most airlines will charge passengers who bring carry-on or extra baggage with them.

Miguel’s trick can also be used if your luggage exceeds the required weight and the airline tries to charge you for the extra weight.

You can simply remove certain items from your suitcase to reduce the weight, then take them on board with you in a duty-free bag.

Another tip is to put your extra clothes in a pillow when traveling
Another tip is to put your extra clothes in a pillow when traveling

Miguel added: “Now you know. If you ever find yourself in this situation, just put everything you need in a duty-free bag. You’re welcome!”

He also talked about how he even uses the duty free hack himself on takeoff, and most of the crew wouldn’t realize what you were doing.

“I know the trick because I always do it when I fly as a passenger,” he said.

“And when I see people getting on board with a duty-free bag that looks VERY full, I always assume they’re using it for that purpose because obviously it doesn’t just contain one flavor or one bottle of wine.

“But a lot of crew don’t know that and most won’t realize it. If you come on board with luggage, which you’re allowed to do, and a duty-free bag with some of your stuff, nobody won’t say anything,” advised Miguel.

Most airlines have strict baggage policies
Most airlines have strict baggage policies

A second travel hack, which was recently featured on TikTok, involves taking a pillow with you on the plane and stuffing it with your clothes if your suitcase is too heavy.

Miguel explained: “It’s the one I see all the time on TikTok and it involves putting the extra clothes in a pillow case and taking them with you on the plane.

“It’s genius. As a crew, I would never suspect a thing.”

Nevertheless, Miguel thinks it’s much easier to carry a duty-free bag than a pillow when traveling.

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