GP receptionist reveals hidden parts of her job that people don’t understand

An anonymous GP receptionist has posted online about her experience and job responsibilities after reading ‘rude and uninformed’ complaints about others doing her job

A GP receptionist is tired of hearing people’s complaints

Sometimes when you work in a certain profession, you are bound to face unfair scrutiny for just doing your job.

Some public-facing jobs tend to come under more scrutiny than others – like police and parking lot attendants – but there’s one role in particular that almost everyone has a opinion (and not always pleasant).

Generalist receptionists have a tough job. While those of us trying to make an appointment may feel frustrated if we don’t get what we want or need, the person on the phone is probably dealing with a lot of hassle.

A woman who works in a medical practice expressed her frustrations with how she is perceived by the public in a post on Mumsnet.

GP receptionists face many complaints from the public


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The anonymous woman said she created the account specifically to respond to “rude and misinformed” comments she had read on the site about GP receptionists.

She writes: “I’ve done this job for 12 years, it’s hard work but can be extremely rewarding at times. I work with a great team.

But she adds that, contrary to popular belief, there’s more to her job than answering the phone.

She writes: “I deal with chemists, pharmacists, hospital secretaries, emails, post, hundreds of clinical letters and test reports, arrange all referrals, make all requests for test, I type all letters from clinicians, new patient files are filled out, files of departing patients must be found and returned, clinical letters received are scanned, coded and processed, requests for translators, letters to be typed and patients to call to arrange for exams, Imms, paps etc, loan of medical equipment – there’s a lot more but I hope you get the idea that my job involves a lot more than answering calls occasional.” [sic]

After listing her long list of responsibilities, the receptionist points out that what patients see is only a snippet of what she does on a day-to-day basis.

She also tackled the complaint that people often call for a date and are told there’s nothing available – but after a quick chat they find out there is in fact Availability to see a doctor or nurse.

She explains “It’s because I can register it as an urgent call. If it is NOT an urgent call, I will be reprimanded by my manager and if this continues, I could lose my job. “

The woman then opens up the conversation to readers, offering to answer their questions and complaints to help them understand that her job isn’t always what it seems.

She says, “I promise any questions or comments will be answered honestly! I’m wearing my helmet.”

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