I work as a hotel receptionist – from claimants to authorized customers, that’s how it is behind the desk

From having to deal with random people walking around the building in the wee hours of the morning trying to resolve a number of complaints, working as a hotel receptionist isn’t as easy as some might think.

When Louanna*, 25, moved to London earlier this year she was in desperate need of a job – and on an hourly wage of £12 (£3.50 above the national average minimum for adults in her age), a job as a hotel receptionist seemed like the best option.


Louanna has only been a hotel receptionist for a few months – but already has stories to shareCredit: Getty

But days into her new role at a high-end hotel in London, Louanna realized it wasn’t just early departures that could become a problem, but also some guests.

The titles, the rude, the scammers – Fabulous sat down with the young woman to find out the ins and outs of life as a hotel receptionist.


Charging up to £450 per night, the four-star hotel is certainly not in everyone’s budget.

But with the high price, it also appears that those who can afford it also expect anything and everything in the service.

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During one of her first shifts, the employee recalled, a lady burst into the lobby and headed straight for reception past the line of people waiting patiently.

As if it were an emergency, the classy lady approached Louanna and her colleague saying she had had the “worst day of her life”.

“She was like ‘Oh my God, I just went to this store and they gave me the wrong size, can you imagine?'”

“Now my husband’s party is going to be ruined,” she added before asking Louanna for her phone so she could call the store and have them deliver the goods to the hotel.

Trying to be polite – and also slightly intimidated by the arrogant middle-aged woman – the 25-year-old didn’t even question the request and handed her phone to the lady and listened” grill” the store employees.

”A very strange experience.”

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When Louanna joined the branch a few months ago, she had no idea that she would also have to become a part-time investigator.

While chatting with Fabulous, she shared the story of an incident that happened relatively recently, when a man called asking to book the hotel’s most expensive suite for his granddaughter’s birthday. daughter.

When he showed up the next day, the alleged granddaughter had suddenly become a girl, and her young age, Louanna added, made the situation “a little complicated”.

Together with her colleagues, she decided to call a few other hotels nearby.

That’s because, she explained, there’s something called a hotel blacklist database (if you know the crazy, unbelievable story of fake German heiress, Anna Delvey, you will know what it means).

After contacting other hotels in the area, it quickly transpired that the man had made several other similar calls.

While it’s hard to say what the plan was, Louanna said there was “definitely something fishy going on here.”

Inventing Anna - about fake Russian heiress Anna Delvey - took Netflix by storm a few months ago


Inventing Anna – about fake Russian heiress Anna Delvey – took Netflix by storm a few months agoCredit: AARON EPSTEIN/NETFLIX


Virtually everyone has been dissatisfied with a product or service at least once – and that’s where money back comes in.

But for hotel employees like Louanna, there’s nothing worse than a disgruntled claimant who’s simply “too miserly” and wants her money back.

While the company’s policy is, as with most institutions, that the customer is always right – and refunds will be issued with few questions – it can tell when someone is truly disappointed.

“To be fair, I’d rather just give them their money back and not waste my energy arguing. ”


Less common than rude and authoritative customers but still just as annoying, Louanna revealed, are those who have trouble following the rules.

“I mean, they’re there for a reason.”

Not only breaking the list of established rules – such as smoking only in authorized areas or not entering strictly staff premises – will make the day more difficult for employees, but will also ruin the stay of others.

Here, the 25-year-old recalled a recent instance where a guy went outside to smoke a cigarette on a rooftop.

But once the door closed and he couldn’t get in, the alarms went off and everyone woke up.

Front desk clerks had to act quickly and decide if the alarm was worth calling the police.

“We only had 30 seconds, it was so stressful.”

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Luckily no one was hurt and in the end no service needed to rush back to the hotel, but it was definitely a night Louanna will never forget.

*Name has been changed to protect identity.

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