Lulu Hassan: A phone call that helped me go from receptionist to star

Citizen television Presenter and producer Lulu Hassan, recalled how she went from receptionist to one of the best presenters in the country.

Lulu, while speaking during an interview on Hot96, revealed that meeting a random person on the phone inspired her to actively pursue her media career.

The anchor was working as a receptionist for a tech company in Mombasa when a man she only identified as Anthony called the office asking for help.

After the call, the man mentioned that his voice was well suited for a career in broadcast media. This sparked her interest and prompted her to try her hand at journalism.

Citizen TV presenter Lulu Hassan on August 23, 2020.


Lulu Hassan

“It started in 2005, I was a receptionist in the company that dealt with IT. Anthony, who I’ve never met but remember, loves my voice and asked me if I had ever thought of working in radio or TV,” she recalls.

Lulu started carrying newspapers from the office and bringing them home to practice and perfect her pronunciation and diction. She intended to train before securing a place at university to continue her education.

In one of the newspapers, she spotted an advertisement for a local television station that was hiring news anchors.

“You know, as a receptionist, you’re given newspapers to take to the boss. So in the evening when I left the office I took them home and I read to my mother who encouraged me. She repeated that I had a very good voice and that I could be on television,” Lulu said.

”I applied for the advertised position when I was not studying journalism,” she added.

Citizen TV presenter Lulu Hassan

Citizen TV presenter Lulu Hassan


The anchor landed a job at a local radio station and her mother continued to encourage her to pursue her dreams. She also went back to school while working and focused on building a brand.

Her mother, who believed in her, died while working at the radio station and never got to see her transition into television, which made her a famous media personality.

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