‘The Flight Attendant’ Season 2, Episode 3 Recap

The stewardess

The Reykjavík Ice Sculpture Festival is lovely this time of year

Season 2

Episode 3

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If the last episode of The stewardess Believe it, Reykjavík is really just one big pub crawl with a few borderline inedible side dishes for good measure. As Cassie made her exhaustive tour of what seemed like every bar in Iceland, I was reminded of the great Comedy Central series Insomniac with Dave Attell. In the years before the rise of travel television, Attell directed four seasons of this show, barhopping and getting more and more plastered in a different big city each night. It was a very fun show.

However, Cassie’s travels aren’t quite as exciting. They are actually quite infuriating. As a sober person, Cassie insists she wants to maintain her sobriety, and yet she continues to test the waters. With help from Party Cassie, she decodes (or thinks she decodes) Megan’s emoji string and decides to go to Iceland. Deep down, she knows her inner party freak doesn’t exactly have her best interests at heart, but Cassie books him into the airport early the next morning anyway. She leaves all her responsibilities behind for Ani to clean up. As we find out later in the episode, Ani doesn’t want kids, but maybe it’s because she already has an unhinged friend to take care of?

Speaking of Ani, let’s just make a quick stop to discuss everything they’re doing to her character here. And Max too! All of a sudden, we’ve veered into an antiquated land of wedding bells and having kids to make grandparents happy. Max’s entire family visit is level ten, and the capper is Max’s aggro attitude when they get home. Sure, he gets knocked out by the psycho neighbors as karma, but still. Ani and Max didn’t feel like Ani and Max in this episode, and I didn’t appreciate it. Ani is also losing her mind when it comes to her work and overall identity, and while midlife crises are totally a thing, hopefully the writers decide to get her back on track at some point.

Cassie’s mind palace is on high alert as she flees her increasingly serious relationship with Marco and into the arms of a potentially deadly international conspiracy. Black Hole Cassie knows they’re going to screw this up, and Party Cassie is thrilled, but there’s also a new Cassie to be reckoned with. I’m going to call her Manager Cassie because her hair is perfectly styled and she tries to reason with her host. However, if I’m being honest, Responsible Cassie seems like something of a party pooper. Score one for Party Cassie.

Manager Cassie has a huge blue rock on her finger and she admits her life was a “complete nightmare”, but she promises things could be perfect if she just put in a little effort. This is a lie. Recovering and maintaining recovery in a real and honest way takes so much work. Cassie isn’t working, and Shane knows that.

Shaneeeeee! God, I missed Shane’s dry wit, devastating facial expressions and confident style. As Shane spots Cassie on the plane to Iceland, he really feels like he regrets his choice to recommend his friend for the CIA’s human resources program. Cassie doesn’t mention how she blackmailed “Black Market Carol” into giving up her jump seat during the flight, but Shane does. Cassie also doesn’t mention that she’s going to Iceland to find Megan, but Shane knows that too. Shane knows everything.

As Cassie stumbles around Reykjavík in her gloriously puffy coat and purple fanny pack, trying to find a Megan in a pub, Shane is hot on her trail. Everyone in Iceland is blonde and wears a puffy coat, so Shane must be really good at what he does. Even Cassie is a bit confused with all the blonde noggins swirling around her on the street, but Shane finds her outside a bar with the best sheep, aka Svið (pronounced “svith”) in the whole country. Yum?

The two friends get a table and neither backs down from the challenge. A tense conversation ensues in which Shane tells Cassie he knows everything without telling her he knows everything, and Cassie does nothing for the entire meal. She even takes an enthusiastic bite of fermented shark. Actors Griffin Matthews and Kaley Cuoco showcase their great natural chemistry here, as we can tell these two still have great love for each other, but neither of them can be totally honest about what’s going on. pass.

Shane holds on because he knows if he tells the truth she will run away, and Cassie doesn’t tell the truth because lying is like breathing for her. Shane is the person she should open up to — he’s her trusted CIA contact, after all — but she literally can’t. Breaking a lifelong habit of compulsive lying is tough, and Cassie isn’t ready to sort it all out just yet. She doesn’t drink, but she still lies, makes really bad decisions, acts impulsively, and gets herself into situations where alcohol is on the table – literally – on purpose and often, so she’s basically the classic definition. of a dry drunk.

Instead of opening up to her good friend Shane, Cassie flees to her hotel room, where she gets a call from Ani about a lead on one of the View-Master slides. It’s a German license plate. OK. But Cassie can’t really focus on it all. She deals with a rando who steals her credit card and buys a trunk full of murders from a big-box hardware store. Oh, and a fire alarm goes off in the hotel, and the shiny mini-bar caught his eye. Thus, she ends another conversation with a potentially supportive friend so she can do three rounds with her own demons instead.

Even though there’s so much madness around her, Cassie’s struggle with her sanity and sobriety is the cornerstone on which the entire season, no, the show, rests. Cassie is the a flight attendant, after all, and even though she gets into trouble with the CIA and flies to fancy international destinations, she’s still a huge mess. And we continue to support her even though she constantly self-sabotages because her struggles are so real and human. So when Cassie comes face to face with her hotel minibar, it almost feels like a showdown with the show’s not-so-secret Big Bad.

In real life, you can request to have your minibar removed from your room, but some people don’t know about it. #The more you know! However, Cassie wasn’t aware it was a thing she didn’t think to ask, or she didn’t ask on purpose because she’s on a super cool “tempting fate” kick. Even though Party Cassie is playing the temptress role of the evil bartender in the back of her mind, Cassie manages to push the thought aside and heads for a meeting instead.

On the way to the meeting, Cassie spots Shane hiding behind a newspaper in the lobby. She confronts him and her guard drops. He basically confesses everything to her and confronts her right away. But there was a reason he didn’t play that card at the restaurant, and it plays out here in spectacular fashion. Cassie throws a huge tantrum and screams to get out of the lobby, claiming her innocence and playing the victim as she rushes down the street.

Cassie ends up making it to the AA meeting, but lo and behold, the 12-step gods and goddesses smile at her as a jovial gentleman mentions meeting a woman from Long Island who reminded him of home. It’s Megan, of course. And when Cassie finally finds her at the last bar in Reykjavík, Megan panics. Cassie isn’t supposed to be here. And she’s going to have them both killed.

We did our last descent near the end of the recap, so make sure your trays and seats are in an upright position. Until next time …

• Cassie’s exchange with “Black Market Carol” is a highlight of this episode. Fantastic character actress Alanna Ubach plays Carol with a murderous sneer and a sardonic attitude for days. We’ll see more of her as the season progresses, and I’m so excited.

• Before Cassie gets down to business with Carol, she bumps into Grace at the airport. Grace notices Cassie heading to Iceland and shares the info that she’s not allowed in Iceland anymore because she had sex with a girl who ‘wasn’t silent about volcanoes’ during the flight . Later in the episode, Dot Carlson makes reference to a volcano. Chance? I do not think so.

• Speaking of Dot, the way they framed the back of her blonde head as she walked into Benjamin’s office looked a lot like the shots of lookalike Cassie loading her trunk at the hardware store. Red herring? Maybe. But Dot’s behavior has been erratic and odd. I wouldn’t consider her the author of all this nonsense.

• Marco, on the other hand, well, I think I have to apologize to Marco. In my very first recap, I said I suspected him of being a spy. As the story progresses, I start to think I was wrong. He’s just a lovely guy who’s head over heels in love with Cassie. Poor man.

• Miranda Watch: There’s a moment when Cassie sends an SOS to someone named Katherine O’Brien, which is the random name Miranda gave Cassie in Season 1 Episode 7. Hmmm. Interesting. We can only hope and pray that we will be honored by Miranda’s incredible presence very soon.

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