Tips for flight attendants: get free drinks and stop popping ears

Thousands of passengers leaving the UK today face long queues and missed flights at airports across the country.

The problems are believed to be caused by a number of canceled EasyJet and British Airways flights as well as staffing issues at airports.

Statements claim these came about due to a high number of Covid absences among staff.

But, air travel in Britain is generally a calmer, calmer affair – until you get on the plane.

Then vacationers are often frustrated as they eagerly wait for food or irritated by crying babies whose ears hurt from taking off.

Luckily, the cabin crew knows a few tips and tricks that might make your flight more comfortable.

Be sure to be polite to the cabin crew!

On Reddit, a flight attendant‘s (FA) family member shared his tip for getting more snacks and drinks than other passengers.

They claimed his mother gave the advice after working in the industry for decades.

Posting on a list of flying hacks, they wrote: “My mom is FA (just 40 years ago) and she taught me this trick.

“Buy a snack/chocolate etc. and after you leave, turn it over and hand it over to the FA and discuss it.

“Free drinks/food will appear on your board each time they pass.”

A little gift could get you into the good books of the hostess
A little gift could get you into the good books of the hostess

Definitely worth it if you want more treats and drinks than are usually given out!

And, one frequent flyer even offered his parents a tip – and that should keep the little ones from screaming at the start.

We all know that it takes sucking on a candy or chewing gum to keep our ears from popping on takeoff.

But this trick doesn’t work when the kids are babies – but if you bring a dummy it might help.

One travel enthusiast wrote: “A trick I learned for flying with a baby.

Dipping a pacifier in sugar to prevent popping ears
Dipping a pacifier in sugar to prevent popping ears

“If they’re still using a pacifier, get a packet of sugar and dip the pacifier in it just before takeoff.

“The gentleness will make them suck a lot harder than normal and it will help keep their ears from bothering them on takeoff so you have a lot less crying.”


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